Kosmeo Story

Kosmeo is an online magazine authored by Christian women for the encouragement of Christian women. We seek to bring glory to God through artistic offerings of music, visual art, and literary art.

We at Kosmeo hold fast to the idea that we are saved by faith alone through Christ alone. And yet, our faith does not stand alone. The fruit of living in Christ is a cornucopia of beautiful works that emerge from our new identity in Him.

The Westminster Confession of Faith says that our good works should adorn the profession of the gospel. This means that the works that flow out of our new life in Christ should be directly related to what we profess in Christ. (16.2)

Our name, Kosmeo, comes from the Greek word ‘to adorn’. It means ‘to beautify’, or ‘to make beautiful’. Here at Kosmeo, we believe that our works of art should beautify, or adorn the profession of Christ that we proclaim. As servants of Christ, we seek to glorify God and enjoy Him forever through our artful offerings to Him.

Every issue of Kosmeo Magazine highlights a specific scripture. Every form of art that is published revolves around an idea within that month’s verse. We pray that as you read and ponder the artistic contributions of this magazine, your soul would be edified and encouraged in your walk with Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria!