Summer 2024

Dimly as through a Glass

By Joy Nevin Axelson

I see now as through darkened glass. 
On this side, nothing’s clear to me. 
The other side eludes me still,
and hid behind the glass, glory.

Angels long to pierce the veil,
just to glimpse His perfect plan.
A pilgrim here, I know too well
how short my meager life will span.

Windows straddling heaven and earth, 
have finally been opened wide,
as I traverse this unclear path,
bathed in blessings at His side.

When I arrive in Zion’s sun
with all my worries laid to rest,
I’ll know as I am known by Him,
my tapestry unfolded, blessed.

About the Author

Joy Nevin Axelson earned a BA and an MA in French from the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana) and The University of California (Santa Barbara) respectively and attended Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She loves her role as the translation coordinator for GlobalFingerprints, the EFCA’s child sponsorship branch. Her translations of training materials are used at 14 international sites. When not translating, Joy enjoys traveling with her husband and two older children.