Spring 2024

The Good Shepherd’s Lullaby

By Meredith Long

It has been a sacred privilege to sing a baby girl or two to sleep almost every night for the last four years. Something about those quiet moments in the dark has a way of making my heart ache with the strongest of mommy-feelings; sentiment, hopes, fears, and the sharpest edge of the postpartum anxiety that I never expected to deal with.

When my eldest was about a year old, some of that ache made its way into a little lullaby as I pondered the image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. It is the song I most often sing over my little ones; simultaneously a prayer, a heartfelt commitment of my children to His keeping, the truth that I pray they carry with them their whole lives through, and a reminder to my own heart of where my best hope and trust lies.

Here are the simple words of “The Good Shepherd’s Lullaby”. May you rest in His goodness today!

Jesus bless and keep you
In His tender care
He will never leave you
In green pastures feed you
In the good paths lead you
Jesus bless and keep you
In his tender care

About the Musician

Meredith Long is a Tennessee girl who married a boy from Utah, Derrek, in January 2019.  Many adventures have ensued, from sea to shining sea, most recently coming full-circle in a relocation back to the Chattanooga area.  Meredith delights in spending most days dabbling in the kitchen, scribbling the occasional blog post, and nurturing two precious little daughters.  A good book, a good cup of coffee or tea, and a good Alabama football game are other things she finds to be very satisfying.