Advent 2023 · Joy

On Fireflies

By Katie Mendel

Note from Katie: God has often used nature to draw me into deeper joy in Him. When I stop and take the time to observe the things God has created, they are so overwhelmingly lovely that I cannot help but be reminded of the goodness of the Creator. It is difficult for me to comprehend that everything I can see is part of a fallen world that can only imperfectly display the true beauty of His intent. This truth inspires a hope in God that transcends whatever circumstances I find myself facing. This poem is a reminder for me to see every blessing as an opportunity to rejoice the perfect Gift Giver.

On Fireflies
Alone, at dusk we strolled amongst the trees.
What fragile magic! Oh, that time would freeze!

The world perceived with wondrous new delight,
for there we found a path alive with light.

The Father’s love through His creation shown,
and only but a glimpse of beauty known.

The feeling passed but stirred within her heart
a longing for a kingdom worlds apart

How swiftly magic moments fade and flee,
but oh, what joy we’ll have eternally.

About the Author

Katie Mendel is a Data Engineer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She enjoys enjoys laughing, eating bread, and rock climbing among other things.