June/July 2023

Golden Hour

By Laura Love

I wrote this poem over a year ago to describe and commemorate a moment that

reminded me of the “why” behind all the work I do as a wife, mother, and homemaker. It was

like the veil was pulled back for a moment allowing me to see the glory and sacredness of all

the work that goes into keeping a large family fed and nourished.

Thick, mellow sunshine slants                            

Through the window

Washing over our 

Waiting table,

Warming the aged pine.

Red, ribbed placemats,

Slightly rumpled,

Catch the honeyed light

Where soon they will catch crumbs.

Time hesitates for me –

Allows my heart to step off this crazy ride

And see

The daily commonplace

Gilded in gold,

Set apart as a sacred space,

And for a moment I behold

The glory

Behind the chaos,

The vision

Behind the sweat.

About the Author

Laura Love is a homeschool mother of five whose family currently resides in Memphis. She was once a parenting expert, but she had to resign when she began to raise her own, non-hypothetical children. On the rare occasion that she is not preparing food or cleaning it up, she enjoys walking and birdwatching with her husband, reading, good coffee, and engaging discussions with her funny and insightful children.