December 2022 / January 2023

Light Sources

By Kathleen Evenhouse

God is the light source; we are His reflectors. These poems were prompted by the questions: What does His “light of revelation” look like as it bounces off of my life, and how does the light I reflect point to God’s glory? 

Light Sources:


The moon shines in the darkness.

This statement could be considered inaccurate because the moon has no capacity to produce and emit rays of light,
therefore it cannot "shine".

The moon shines in the darkness.

This statement could be considered accurate if the intended definition of "shine" is "to be bright by reflection of light". 

The moon shines in the darkness.

The "shining" originates from the sun, which is the source of light and warmth.
The moon merely reflects the light.

The moon shines in the darkness.

It is when it is dark--devoid or partially devoid of light--that the moon seems to shine.
When it is dark, even a tiny or pale light is clearly visible.
It draws the eye. It provides relief from the darkness.

Lord, source of all light and warmth, may I be a moon for you.

Light Sources:

Waxing and Waning

I reflect His light

as the moon does the sun—

waxing and waning

as the days pass.

But the differences

in the light I mirror is not a result

of my source’s light

which never wanes or waxes,

but blazes with such bright rays

that I cannot, in my frailty, look at it head-on

but see in a darkened mirror.

My light source is almighty,


the Creator of all light.

It is my reflective surfaces

that wane and wax,

the smoothness affected by sin

which I allow to impinge on my ability

to reflect His glorious light.

Lord, the source of all light and warmth,

help me to more fully reflect your light

every day,

in every circumstance.

Light Sources:

Tinies Together

I reflect only an iota of light

because I am tiny.

Oh, how much light could be spread

if I was just one

of many miniscule lights

shining together.

Wait. I am…

 …one of many

who contain the Holy Spirit fire.

God planned it that way.

Let’s light up the world.

About the Author

Kathleen Evenhouse is a writer of historical fiction, poetry, and Biblical study material. She shares a home with husband, children, grandchildren, and pets in Pella, Iowa. Her quiet space for writing is a favorite booth in a busy coffee shop. Information about Kathleen’s weekly blogs, book information, and social media presence can be found at: Sign up for her blog or purchase books at her website. Books can also be ordered from your local bookstore or purchased from various distributors on Amazon.