December 2022 / January 2023

All Is Calm

By Christi Stills

All those closest to me know that I struggle with the gloomy moods that often accompany the darker winter months of the year.  Perhaps God carries me through each dark season as a reminder to be grateful for the brighter seasons ahead.  More so, in those dark dreadful seasons, maybe He is training me to focus in the direction of His Son Jesus – “…love’s pure Light…”.  Isn’t that an extraordinary phrase to describe God’s Son? This phrase comes from a well-known Advent hymn many of us have sung throughout our childhood days. A couple of years ago, I released an arrangement of this tune, but I chose to call it “All is Calm” – wanting to give my listeners a closer peek into the song (“Silent Night”) as our world seemed to be drowning in the mental chaos of a pandemic at that time.  The cover suggests a lovely candlelit room, depicting a mood of rest and calm.  Wouldn’t you agree that there is something quite ambient about candles burning in a dark room? The candles become the focus of that room when there is no other source of light.  

As we celebrate the coming of the promised Messiah each year, it is fascinating to think about His contrasting light that brightens our dark world.  Oh, if we could comprehend a speck of the vastness of His love for us!  His light brings us sweet peace that surpasses all understanding in our darkest moments.  And to think of the darkness He took upon Himself when He agonizingly gave His life to take the punishment that rightfully should have been ours to bear. The wonderful news is that no amount of darkness was able to consume Him! He arose from the dead, because He is the Light that still lives on!  During the darkest of seasons, I am increasingly grateful for His amazing love and comfort and peace.  Remember! No other gift compares to the gift of “love’s pure Light” as we celebrate this advent season!

About the Musician

Christi Stills embarked on her journey of “composing” music at a young age.  Being an only child in a quiet home opened many doors for imagination and creativity.  After years of learning through opportunities mostly in church settings/music ministry, she discovered that others were interested in listening to her hymn arrangements. She recorded a couple of CD’s, and transcribed the arrangements onto sheet music – which can be found at  Currently, her recordings can be heard on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major streaming platforms.  In other windows of her schedule, Christi enjoys drinking coffee, reading, hiking, tutoring kids who learn “outside-the-box,” and continues to create new tunes upon every opportunity that arises.

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