November 2022


By Jenna Badeker of Wild Harbors

We don’t get to choose everything that comes our way in this life. We can plant heaps of goodness, but suffering and toil are still going to sprout up and come our way. When this happens, we get to choose how to respond – we can take the difficulties in and let them control our story, or we can learn from them, harvesting the lessons and goodness within the difficulties, encouraging us to press on. 

About the Musician

Jenna Badeker is a singer-songwriter in Nashville, TN, where she plays with her husband Chris in the band Wild Harbors. Formed in 2017, the alternative pop outfit creates gutsy, lyric-driven songs laced with intricate vocal harmonies. Confronted with the knowledge that each person is given one short life to live, they put their previous careers aside to step into the adventure of music and invite other people to live their own adventures. Discover more on Jenna Badeker and Wild Harbors at: