November 2022

History of a Field

By Alicia Zanoni Lawrence

Someone must have been in this field earlier
And scattered fistfuls of diamonds on it
Every inch of it is glowing
Speaking of who has been here…
That trampled section of grass tells a story –
Did a creature hide, explore, hunt in that spot?
It feels so still and raw, this field.
Has anyone been here before?
There are too many people in this world for much of it
To go unseen
But what if the last time somebody was here
Was in the 1950s
And it was a child explorer who is now 70
And doesn’t remember this place at all?
How well did Native Americans know this field?
Did it have a name?
This old tree could tell us,
But it holds the secret stories inside.

About the Artist

I’m Alicia, and I’ve been painting in Indianapolis, IN for 6 years. Painting imaginative landscapes is my favorite type of work. The world is full of sparks of magic, and I try to capture the magic as I see it in color, light, movement, texture… the possibilities on the canvas are endless! One thing I always think about when I’m painting: “Is it strange or surprising enough yet?” 

Instagram: @aliciazanonilawrence