July/August 2022


by Veronica McDonald

Before I knew the theme and verse for the July issue, the theme of Healing from the May Issue of Kosmeo was on my mind. I thought of the most significant way God had healed me: by pulling me out of darkness and death, into his life-giving light. I pictured a woman seeing this light for the first time. The woman in the painting lives among a throng of people living in darkness, blind and unable to see God, wrapped in shrouds of sin, veils covering their eyes to divine truth, hopelessly wandering—she is one of them, until the Lord opens her eyes. Once she sees, the veil falls, and everything changes. The May issue passed and I hadn’t finished the painting, so I looked up the verse for the July issue. It was perfect. I didn’t know the July theme until I was almost finished with the painting. But the Holy Spirit knew, and God’s timing is perfect.

About the Artist

Veronica McDonald is a fiction writer, poet, visual artist, and founding editor of Heart of Flesh Literary Journal. She is a former atheist turned Christian, and thanks Jesus everyday for turning her world upside down. Visit her at veronicamcdonald.com.