March/April 2022

Signal Mountain Sunrise

by Christi Stills

There’s something quite spectacular about a winter sunrise on Signal Mountain.  Unless you have experienced one, well… The rest of us cannot quite describe it in even the best of words.  The birth of ‘Signal Mountain Sunrise’ symbolizes a fresh chapter in the book of time.   Our first grandchild had recently been born.  The house was filled with rejoicing and blessing over this precious new life!  I stared out the window in awe as that Christmas morning revealed a tranquil, pastel sky – transforming itself into a peaceful but most captivating sunrise – a good and perfectly timed gift from our Heavenly Father, Who had already generously blessed us with more than we could even imagine!

-Christi Stills, Composer & Pianist

About the Musician

Christi Stills embarked on her journey of “composing” music at a young age.  Being an only child in a quiet home opened many doors for imagination and creativity.  After years of learning through opportunities mostly in church settings/music ministry, she discovered that others were interested in listening to her hymn arrangements. She recorded a couple of CD’s, and transcribed the arrangements onto sheet music – which can be found at  Currently, her recordings can be heard on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major streaming platforms.  In other windows of her schedule, Christi enjoys drinking coffee, reading, hiking, tutoring kids who learn “outside-the-box,” and continues to create new tunes upon every opportunity that arises.

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